Food Service Program

Black River Area Child Care Services, Inc. participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program, supervised by the United States Department of Agriculture/State of Wisconsin, Department of Public Instruction.  This requires that the corporation meet a number of rigid standards for nutrition and food handling.  The program is audited to ensure that all standards are met.  Food is provided at flexible intervals but no child goes without nutrition for longer than 3 hours.

Infant Food Program:

The parents of children in the Infant Room will be responsible for supplying all food components that they want their child to have up to the point of the child eating solid table foods. These items would include breastmilk and/or formula, baby cereal, and any pureed baby food (either homemade or store bought.) Once the child is able to eat solid table foods the center will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

All bottles and meals will be served to each individual child when needed according to their own daily schedule.

Breastmilk and Formula:

- Breast milk or formula will be served to infants less than 12 months of age. Juice will not be served to infants less than 12 months.

- Mothers are welcome to come to the center to breastfeed their child or to pump breastmilk for their child throughout the day. A refrigerator will be available for storage of expressed breast milk. All breast milk must be stored at the center in bottles. A daily supply of breast milk may be brought to the center in the morning, but must be in individual bottles. Any unused breastmilk will be sent home daily. All bottles will be rinsed out and sent back home to be washed. 

- Infants who drink formula throughout the day will need to bring a clean supply of bottles daily. Formula bottles will be mixed as needed; bottles will be rinsed out after each use and sent home to be washed. 

- Infants will always be held in arms or on laps while being fed a bottle. No food or drink other than breast milk or formula will be served from bottles. 

- The center will work with families to gradually introduce solid foods (baby cereal, pureed foods) to infants between 4-6 months based on their developmental readiness and the parents' request.

Table Foods

- Parents will supply all baby cereal and pureed baby foods for their child.

- Once the child is beginning to eat solid table foods the center will provide breakfast, lunch and snack daily. All meals served will meet the USDA guidelines for nutritional adequacy. Soft table foods for infants will be cut in pieces no larger and 1/2 inch cubes. Food will be cut, ground, diced, chopped, or pureed according to each child's individual abilities. Foods that children cannot manage will be spoon fed to them, i.e. soup, yogurt, etc. 

Food substitutions may be made for infants at the parent, cook or teacher's discretion and will be recorded accordingly.

One Year Old Food Program:

 One year olds will be fed on a group schedule as long as it is flexible enough to meet each child's needs. Toddlers, one year olds, who eat more quickly are allowed to do so and move onto play when they are finished, while slower eaters are given all the time they need. If toddlers show that they are very hungry before lunch time, lunch can be provided earlier, or a small snack will be provided to help children wait. Toddlers have different appetites and food interests, so flexibility in the schedule is essential. One child might be going through a growth spurt and will require more calories, while another might be going through a slower growth period and be less interested in meals and snacks. A more active child will need to eat more to make up for all of the calories he/she has expended.

Beverages offered to toddlers over age 1 should be in a cup, not a bottle, to prevent delays in developing appropriate feeding skills. The one year old classroom will use sippy cups for drinking, and will provide the sippy cups for all toddlers. For young one's (12-14 months) there will be a transition period to wean the child from bottle to sippy cup if necessary. When a child is transitioning, the child will not be allowed to carry the bottle during play time. If a bottle is necessary at nap time, the child will be held while drinking and will not be allowed to take the bottle to their cot. If use of a bottle is necessary, parents will be expected to bring cleaned bottles daily, and take the bottle home at the end of the day for cleaning. The sippy cup will be offered at meal times, as well as other periods during the day when a drink is needed. At meal times the Center will provide whole milk. Water will be offered in between meal times. As the toddler prepares to move into the two year old room, the child will transition from sippy cup to a 4 oz. cup.


The Center has a policy for early morning snacks and birthday/holiday treats brought into the Center by parents/guardians.Early Morning Snacks