Rainbow Purple Room

purple roomOur Purple Room is a busy classroom full of new learning experiences and skill building activities. The curriculum in the two year old room is child centered and allows the children to learn through exploration. The daily schedule consists of free play, story time, music and movement, short group activities, outdoor play, choice time and rest time. All activities promote the development of individual skills and independent choices. Two year olds are just learning how to communicate their wants and needs therefore; another important piece of the curriculum in the Purple Room is to learn appropriate social interactions through the guidance of our experienced teachers.

Children do not need to be potty trained upon entering the Purple Room. The teachers will offer each child the opportunity to sit and try to use the toilet during diaper changes. When your child is beginning to work on potty training we find that working together and being very consistent leads to the greatest success. Teachers will communicate daily with the families on how the potty training process is going at school and we would ask that you do the same for how it is going at home.

Classroom Teachers


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