Curriculum Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are done with the children? What is a typical schedule?

The curriculum for each classroom varies. The teachers focus on meeting the children’s individual needs through a wide variety of activities. Please visit Education Policy for a more detailed description of the daily activities. A sample of the daily schedule is also listed.

My family does not celebrate holidays, what will you do to accommodate our religious beliefs?

Each classroom teacher will be considerate of all of the children’s beliefs present in the classroom. If a child does not celebrate holidays their classroom will do activities or projects related to a different theme during the particular holiday season.

How much time is allocated to outside play?

Black River Child Care Center believes in the importance of physical activity. Please visit Physical Activity for a description of our physical activity guidelines.

Can my child bring his/her pet for show and tell?

No, pets are not allowed on the premises of the Center. This includes dogs and cats (except for service animals).

Will my child participate in field trips?

Classrooms will occasionally take walking field trips. Many of the classrooms walk to the neighborhood Pumpkin Patch and to the hospital for different occasions. The older children will walk to neighborhood parks and to the public library for the summer story hour. School age children will go to the Hoffman Aquatic Center throughout the summer and to the Jackson County Fair.

Can my child bring toys from home?

The Center has plenty of toys. Tactfully discourage your child from bringing toys. Any toys brought from home should be labeled and are the child’s responsibility. No guns or toys of destruction are allowed.