Parent Involvement

parentsEach year events are scheduled to help strengthen the link between the home and the Center. These include open houses, individual conferences, and other events as interest is expressed. Some of the special events the Center hosts are: “Stay and Play” (a time for parents to stay and play with their child in their classroom), Lady’s Tea Party, Pop’s Picnic, Christmas Open House, and special events during Week of the Young Child. Parents are encouraged to attend these activities or to visit the Center any time during operating hours.

Participation in fundraising by parents is desired. The Center conducts two fundraising events per year.

Parents are encouraged to help enhance our program by sharing professions, hobbies or talents with the children.

On a daily basis the menu is posted. Also posted daily is a description of the day’s activities. This provides the parent with a means for sharing in what the child has done or accomplished during the day.

Parents will also receive a monthly newsletter informing them of upcoming events and other pertinent information. Parents are encouraged to check their parent mailboxes each day your child attends.

The Center has a Facebook page that you are encouraged to access.