Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessment Tool

Black River Child Care Center has adopted the research based assessment system, Teaching Strategies GOLD, to be used in all classrooms. Teaching Strategies GOLD is an authentic, observational assessment system for children from birth through kindergarten which aligns with the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. It is designed to help our teachers get to know the children well, what they know and can do, and their strengths, needs, and interests. With this information, the teachers will guide children’s learning by planning engaging experiences that are responsive to individual and group needs. The center uses both the paper/pencil and online versions of the assessment system.

The primary purposes of the Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment system are to help teachers

  • Observe and document children’s development and learning over time
  • Support, guide, and inform planning and instruction
  • Identify children who might benefit from special help, screening, or further evaluation
  • Report and communicate with family members and others

Teaching Strategies GOLD is not designed as a screening or diagnostic tool, a readiness or achievement test, or a teacher/program evaluation tool.